We are a 21stC AGRA INNOVATION partnership using Renewable NRG technologies and Agra resources…

Creating energy for a Stable Sustainable Future $SSF     

“Industrial HEMP will be rediscovered in the 21stC soon… the world’s most versatile & sustainable Agra crop”

BIO21C Managing General Partner 

Chas. Malloy

An expert in commercializing advanced technologies in new or mature markets. Global experience and expertise with a highly developed strategic and tactical approach to …Success Escalation & Accomplishment.
A 21st-century thinker, Global Business Development & Strategy Executive with over twenty five years of experience in business performance enhancement.
Successful ReNewable-NRG Tech & NRG economics participant since 1998. With a strategic network of renewable energy partners globally in Wind-Solar Hybrid, NRG Storage, Bio-Fuels. Agra Tech, Engineering, Wave NRG, Passive Homes, Design Build Contract Manufacturing.
Chas. Malloy possesses the exceptional combination of technical expertise and pragmatic business sense, critical components necessary to succeed in any business market.


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